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Three Ways That You Can Stay Connected While Social Distancing

In the past few weeks, our lives have changed dramatically. In order to contain the spread of COVID-19, experts have begun advising people to practice social distancing. This means we must avoid being in close physical proximity to one another. But, as we are very social animals, this can be difficult. Below we have 3 suggestions on how you can stay connected with your loved ones during this uncertain time.

Have a virtual watch party with friends.

Bummed you can’t head to your bestie’s apartment to watch your weekly show? Binge-watch a new Netflix show from the comfort of your respective couches instead. Adina Mahalli, a certified relationship expert and mental health consultant with Maple Holistics based in Farmingdale, New Jersey, recommends having a remote Netflix party. Simply pick a show or movie, and watch it at the same time. There’s even an app for that—to make it easier and more seamless for all parties involved.

Stream a class.

For many of us, daily socialization involves not only chatting with our co-workers and spending time with family and friends but also heading to our daily barre class or knitting group. Keep the socialization alive through a virtual class, using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Zoom. Jessica Meyrowitz of Chappaqua, New York, teaches a virtual knitting class, for example, in which all participants knit from the comfort of their homes.

Send someone you love a handwritten letter.

Your return on investment will take some time, but it’ll be well worth it. Grab a notecard you have lying around (or order some cute ones on Etsy) and send a handwritten note to a family member or friend on your mind. Not only will the letter brighten their day, but it’ll also likely spark a conversation via snail mail once they receive it.

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