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5 Behaviors Your Child Will Exhibit If You Are Being an Overprotective Parent

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Parenting is difficult, and there is really no correct way to go about it. Sure, there are books, blogs, and documentaries on the subject, but there is certainly no clear-cut guide that you are handed once your child is born. And, these days, parents are concerned about everything, from school selection and weekly nutrition to social events and existential threats, like the coronavirus.

However, it is possible to become too overprotective of your child. Although overprotective parenting is well-meaning, it’s also a concerning behavior that you must examine within yourself. According to child developmental experts around the globe, all children should be able to enjoy low-risk activities on their own, build autonomy and social skills, and develop self-esteem. If you choose not to go this route, your child may exhibit the following behaviors:

Lack of Autonomy

Do you want your child to run to you every time they have an issue? Even if you think you want this for your relationship, it will become more trouble than it is worth. If you constantly supervise their behavior, however, you shouldn’t expect any less. Why? Well, your child will have little to no self-esteem.

People-Pleasing Tendencies

If your child is constantly trying to appease you, they’ll carry these tendencies into their adult life with all of their relationships, whether it’d be a boss, spouse, or best friend. Children need to learn perfection is unachievable for us as humans – all we can do is our best, and nothing more.

Risky Behaviors

You hear this story time and again – children, who are not allowed freedom in their younger years, will eventually engage in riskier behaviors, like under-aged drinking, once the reigns are lifted. This logic is due to the fact that they haven’t experienced new things on their own or learned consequences.

Diminished Development

According to the publication, Psychology Today, children of overprotective parents have developmental issues. They tend to lack social and coping skills. For example, a parent that doesn’t allow their child to play with others is depriving them of learning skills, like a compromise, risk-taking, and so forth.


It’s a no brainer – a child, who is never allowed to try new things on their own is bound to become anxious in one way or the other. They will worry about making mistakes or failing because they’ve continually had a helicopter parent, who had prevented them from learning their lesson the hard way.

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