Love Science, Literature, or All Things Steampunk? Check Out AnachroCon This Weekend!

AnachroCon, founded in 2009, is the premier place in the Southern United States for people to celebrate historical reenacting, alternate history, steampunk, science, fabrication, literature, costuming, and socialization with people of like minds. Check it out for yourself this Friday, February 14th at the Hilton Atlanta Airport!

AnachroCon is much more than a science fiction convention. If you enjoy the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, or esoteric studies, then you will find the programming of interest at AnachroCon. AnachroCon strives to bring you the best possible guests and experts in their respective fields so that you may leave the convention relaxed, educated, entertained and wanting more!

Convention organizers are dedicated to the principle of providing a safe social environment for the free exchange of ideas. AnachroCon participants gather to interact, share, dance, and explore the possibilities of all things historical, alternately historical and fictional. Participants also strive to hold themselves to the highest standards of decorum and education. This year’s convention will feature several live performances from The T-Tones, a 1920s-themed female vocal trio; NeverMoore, Atlanta’s only magic and mentalism duo; Antler Hill Arts, a band best described as “rustic folk-rock”; and several others.

AnachroCon 2020 will be held at Hilton Atlanta Airport on February 14th to 16th. Admission is $45 to $65 and tickets are available for purchase online at No refunds are available. For additional information, please visit

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Event Time/Date:
Friday, February 14, 2020—2:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Hilton Atlanta Airport
1031 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30354

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