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Find Your New Friends in Life – Yes, Even During a Pandemic – with These 3 Tips

Now that we are hitting the third wave of COVID-19 in the U.S., during flu season nonetheless, more people will retreat back into their homes and isolate more heavily, if they weren’t already. However, quarantine leaves something to be desired in terms of personal connections. Although we’ve grown accustomed to socializing from a distance, it can still be difficult for humans – as social animals – not to have any of our usual moments of socialization that we experience throughout our day.

Here's the thing, though – just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make new friends. You just have to find alternative methods for connecting (or reconnecting) with people and new ways to nurture and grow those relationships, With that being said, check out some of our tips for making friends, while you’re still stuck at home:

Reconnect with Old Friends.

Although friends of your past aren’t necessarily new friends, they can be considered as such when you reconnect. Surveys show that we trust past friends at a higher level than we do current acquaintances. Most likely, you lost touch with these friends due to other obligations – not because of any insurmountable incompatibilities! Now, it’s time to reconnect with those you’ve fallen out of touch with, as the pandemic has most likely made you realize what’s important.

Bond with Your Neighbors or Co-Workers.

Since many of us have been stuck at home since March, we’ve found comfort in our neighbors, co-workers, and other people that inhabit our neighborhood, workplaces, and so forth. So, it’s not a stretch to confide in these people that regularly surround you, sometimes on the daily basis. Research on the “exposure effect” found that we already have some traction when we try to build friendships with the people we see daily or weekly. Take it from there, and you might be surprised at the results!

Venture Out Online.

From shopping online for essentials to ordering dinner through your favorite delivery app, we’ve been resorting to the Internet for a lot of tasks we’d usually do in-person during the coronavirus pandemic. So, why not do the same when you’re trying to establish some new friendships? There are tons of apps available in your respective app store – like Bumble BFF or Friender – that can help you meet new folks! You can even use your social media channels, like Facebook or Instagram, to do the same, as well.

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