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Give Back to Your H-Town Community – All While Staying Safe – This Holiday Season

Did you realize how much helping those in your community can make a world of difference? This sentiment rings even more true during the holiday season of a pandemic. Whether you are looking to deliver meals, make charitable donations, or lend a hand wherever necessary, there is always a way to contribute during the fall and winter months.

Join one of the many organizations across the country in their mission to make this season extra special for those who might experience heightened isolation or loneliness during COVID-19. To support those in your neighborhood and beyond, here is how you can give back to your community during the holidays while staying safe during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Prepare, package, or deliver food.

Helping to prepare food, in particular, is of high importance during the holiday, especially this year when food insecurity is more real than ever. By volunteering with certain campaigns, you can fund, package, or deliver meals to families in need. For the holidays, participants of these programs receive a full Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings and a winter feast around the December holidays. These hearty meals are looked forward to all year and put a bright spot in the lives of those needing an extra boost.

Make donations to organizations.

Lending a hand can also mean giving a donation—whether that’d be donating monetarily or contributing material goods. First, be sure to assess how much you can give by noting what's left after you've paid all your bills for the next month. From there, follow the guidelines of organizations with what they are seeking donation-wise, and be sure to clean and check for any issues before making your contribution. Also, wash, dry, and package any clothing according to the charity's instructions.

Engage with causes remotely.

For those who are looking to volunteer from a remote location, consider safely distanced opportunities, like sending holiday cards, wrapping gifts, or putting together gift packages for a family in need. To engage with organizations online, individuals should sign up for mailing lists and follow along with the charities that they support on social media, so that they can learn about volunteer opportunities and fundraisers as they arise. Being involved, even if remotely, will give you a sense of fulfillment when you could probably use it most.

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